How the One-Der System Works

One-Der™ Wedge System

Here’s How:

* The One-Der System allows each System of the Body* to return to it’s optimum state of function.

* Whether it is the lymph system, digestive system, nervous system, skeletal system, muscular, respiratory, or endocrine system, the results will vary according to the specific needs of each person.

* The One-Der system operates on the deepest cellular level of each individual until a state of wholeness or balance is reached; and the body is restored to wellness. Release, Re-message. Restore!

The One-Der System mimics the following modalities:

* Every modality relies on the movement created by the pump and bladder system.

1) Zero Gravity positioning: Improves health in a number of ways. Helps increase circulation, aids the respiratory system and relieves pressure from joints.

2) Acupressure: Activates nuances of acupressure which has mild analgesic properties and enhances immune responses.

3) Color Therapy is an alternative therapy that uses colors and their frequencies to aid in healing physical and emotional problems within the body.

4) Cranial sacral fluid movement: Gives pause to, and helps to reset, the cranial sacral fluid rhythm. This allows the body to become more balanced.

Our unique system helps create balance and synergy by addressing the source of imbalances and health concerns within the body helping to improve quality-of-life.

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