What People Have to Say About the One-Der™ System

Since I have been using the System, these things have changed in my life

“I know of no-things that I can directly attribute to the use of the System, as I have no way to be both a control group and a user group, but I can say that since I have been using the wedge, these things have changed in my life:
  • Addiction. I generally have a mild to moderate sugar addiction. (That box of yucky/yummy half price valentine candy just jumped into my cart.) Lately I have had scant cravings for sugar and my daily food is tasting sweeter. I ask myself if I will feel deprived if I don’t have _______? That’s how the valentine box ended up in my cart! Yet yesterday a carton of to-die-for ice cream jumped into my cart and then jumped out. No remorse!
  • Weight loss. I have lost small bits of weight without feeling hungry and have begun to experience the benefits of occasional fasting. No particular plan. It just continues to happen.
  • Procrastination. Resistance to shifting activities has decreased. How I like the cat to sit in my lap and sleep! For hours! But lately I have found it easier to begin tasks, procrastinate less, follow a schedule and change from one activity to the next.
  • Brain fog. My brain fog is better and I feel more alive. Easier to focus and easier to be enthusiastic with positive opinions.
  • Centeredness. I am less judgmental, yet still descriptive, of the actions of others. Deep peace is more easily assessable.
  • Bladder. My bladder is behaving better. Leaking and urgency has dramatically improved.
  • Stress. In general, my triggers take more to activate and I am living better with ambiguity.
Summary’ it seems my vibration has increased since I have been using the wedge and long existing problems have diminished. I have no direct way to tie these changes in with wedge use as my sessions are independent of change. Change just happens and I eventually notice.
Retired, North Carolina

I couldn't be more thankful

I've been using the One-Der System for about two months. It takes just 20 minutes to feel the effects that release emotional and physical stress, especially the tension that has been held in the area of my spine, neck and back for years. I'm past middle age, and look forward to my "One-Der relax" time five days a week. I've experienced renewed energy and stamina, and feel so much more positive and relaxed with less inflammation in my body overall. I am grateful for this company and its line of products for self-care. Five Stars!
Artist Entrepreneur - Katonah, NY

This system really works!

Within a week of using the One-Der System, I’ve noticed a craving for healthier food and my sleep is more restful and consistent which helps me be focused throughout the day. I no longer wake up with a sore back and I don’t need to take ibuprofen anymore. That’s a really big deal for me!
Business owner - Virginia Beach

What a surprise!!!

I was introduced to the One-Der System by an enthusiastic friend. At first I was a bit skeptical, but I wanted to find out more. After only a few days using it, I began to notice subtle changes in the way I was dealing with everyday life, and my overall mood was becoming progressively positive. After using it for a few months I've become excited about the range of benefits for improving my life that it offers. The One-Der System is founded on concepts ahead of our time, and to me it's a worthwhile investment.
Graphic Designer - Ossining, NY

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